What we do

P raetorian Public Relations is a lean, effective group of political, public relations, advertising, and technology professionals that are working to usher in new and innovative campaign techniques for Republican political campaigns on the West Coast. Through our eclectic clientele and methodologies we hope to help bring the Republican Party into a new era of political success.

We also work with small businesses, non-profits, and elected leaders who have little to no staff and understand that they might not be able to afford an in-house publicist or hire an New York advertising agency, even though they would benefit from it. We are here to fill that void.

Whether it is a one-time press release, product launch, or a comprehensive campaign for elected office, we can meet and exceed your expectations. We are proven, well-connected, and experienced.

Our Services

Would you go to trial without an attorney or perform a surgery without a doctor? We hope not. So don't run for office or run an advertising campaign without professional assistance.

Political Campaigns

This is our bread and butter. Whether it is your first or your tenth campaign for office, Praetorian Public Relations can help you from logo and website design to an aggressive voter contact and paid media operation.

Media Relations

This is our foremost technical specialty. Earned media can give you or your business needed exposure without having to pay for expensive advertising. We can use our connections with hundreds of journalists, producers, assignment editors, and news directors to get you in the news.

Social Media

Digital media is rapidly overcoming traditional media. To stay competitive and reach your target audience, you need to have an aggressive presence on social media. We can design a single campaign, a comprehensive social media strategy, and buy effective digital advertising.

Print Design

Need business cards, palm cards, door hangers, yard signs, or mail pieces? We can design them, print them and distribute them, whether you need five or 500,000. We've shopped dozens of print shops throughout the country and have found the ones that offer the best quality with the best prices.

Software Development

Your constituents are more connected than they've ever been before. Custom software often needs to be written to engage with them on their preferred platforms, apps and services to be truly effective in disseminating your message. We utilize web APIs, mine data, and create cross platform data collection solutions to make you relevant.

Crisis Communications

Effectively dealing with a crisis can be one of the most challenging and intimidating experiences in life. If handled poorly, it can lead to permanent harm to your brand. We assess the impact, craft a custom strategy to manage it, and work to keep your brand intact.

Video and Audio Commercials

If you want to go on Television, Radio, YouTube, Hulu, or Pandora we and our partners can help you create

Website Design

Our website design team can build you your ideal website, whether a simple splash page to a comprehensive campaign website with the most bleeding edge bells and whistles.

Partner Services

Although we wish we could do everything -- we can't, fortunately however we know the best in the business and can usually facilitate services that we don't directly offer in-house. These services could include: Opposition Research, Polling, Robo-Calls, Mass Text Messaging, Focus Groups, and App Design.

Didn't See What You Need?

Send us an email or give us a call, we still might be able to help you ourselves or direct you to who is best suited to.

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