Shawn McBreairty

Shawn McBreairty

Director of Special Projects with the Maine First Project, a non-profit organization offering grassroots advocacy training in multiple areas. Calling out Critical Race Theory Praxis, like what is being pushed in MSAD51, Greely in Cumberland, ME, Shawn received world wide press coverage, appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Faulkner Focus and Sky News Australia, along with dozens of news articles validating the work put into exposing this racist approach to indoctrination in Maine schools. The Maine Department of Education and MEA Maine teachers union has created the worst educational crisis this state has ever seen. 

More recently, Shawn appeared on the Ingraham Angle and Russian TV and Radio Company, speaking to the hyper-sexualization of minors, aka grooming in the classroom. Exposing RSU22 in Hampden, ME and the 2022 Maine “teacher” of the Year, Kelsey Stoyanova’s book list which contains kiddie porn, anti-father, LGBTQ, transgender and kiddie porn materials. These Maine K-12 government run schools are now no more than progressive cults. 

Shawn's Message? ~ "Pull your kids from these government run schools now, it’s biblically bad and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. The rest has yet to be exposed, but we’ll get there." 

As documented recently on Fox & Friends, McBreairty recently won a major First Amendment challenge in which RSU22 had to pay $40,000 in legal expenses because they had violated Shawn’s rights by trying to illegally restrict his speech and ban him from school campus, because they disagreed with the Truth he was providing on the district’s educational failures.  This is an important victory for parents across the country who now will see the law can indeed be on their side when they approach the mic at a school board meeting.  These school boards cannot restrict your speech on the issues, or your concerns with the employees of the district.  

There is one more to go, as the Hermon, ME School Department has a frivolous lawsuit against McBreairty for “hazing” a teacher.  What Shawn did was provide the residents information on this teacher, exposing her as a pro-Biden advocate from the classroom, creator of a 40 book transgender library display and the paid faculty advisor of the Gay Sexuality Alliance extra-curricular club after school.  

As a volunteer advocate, Shawn is asking you to stand beside him, or get behind him as he fights for your rights and your children’s education.  Anyone willing to pitch in to help offset his mounting legal costs can donate at

Shawn is also the host of his own podcast called "Maine Source Of Truth" which can be found on ApplePodcasts, Google, Spotify, iHeartRadio and other podcast locations. Maine Source Of Truth is a 45-60 minute, hard hitting, no holds barred, informative exposure of what is happening in schools, reporting on the left’s plans to dumb-down students through things like Social Emotional Learning (SEL) which happens to be the trojan horse, or gateway drug for CRT, Trans Studies and much more.

  • Educational Freedom Advocate
  • Director of Special Projects, Maine First Project
  • Host of the Maine Source Of Truth podcast and Facebook page
Location: Portland, Maine DMA
Availability: On-camera, In-studio, Phone
Topics of Expertise:

Critical Race Theory, Hyper-sexualization in education, Social Emotional Learning, Critical Theory, Educational Freedom

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