Mike Matthys

Matthew Matthys

Mike Matthys is a 30+ year veteran of Silicon Valley tech companies and venture capital who has lived and worked overseas in Tokyo, London, Sydney, and Amsterdam.

Mike has spoken at many industry events and written numerous articles focused on online content moderation and censorship.   He has seen censorship pressures on people in other countries - particularly in Asia. Mike grew up in Iowa and has a Masters degree from Stanford.

Mike co-founded the Institute for a Better Internet as a non-partisan solutions-oriented entity with the goal of championing both neutrality and safety in online content moderation.  Free speech and open debate, without the worry of censorship or cancellation, is essential for our country to build a path toward fairness and progress for all groups in our society.


Co-founder of Institute for a Better Internet

Location: Silicon Valley, CA
Availability: On-camera, In-studio, Phone
Topics of Expertise:
  • Free Speech
  • Social Media
  • Tech Research
  • Online Defamation
Points of Interest:
  • Online content moderation policies
  • Fact-checkers
  • Supreme Court and constitutional issues related to free speech
  • Federal proposals and state laws on content moderation and censorship
  • Online safety
  • Silicon Valley technology trends, start-ups and venture capital

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