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Public Relation Services
Public Relation Services
Public Relation Services

Public Relations

Media Booking

The opportunity to take your story to the national stage can be a game-changer.

Strategic Communications

Whether it’s a political campaign, an advocacy organization, a law firm or a business, making sure you have crisp, clear and hard-hitting methods of getting your message out there to attract the audience you’re targeting

Crisis Management

There are always times where an organization runs into a major PR crisis and the course of action on how to properly mitigate the situation is often executed poorly. That’s where we come in to help you avert these issues and put fires out before they become uncontainable.

Social Media Strategy

Praetorian Public Relations provides customized social media services to help businesses engage with their target audience on various social media platforms.

Our team of experts offer social media management, advertising, and influencer marketing services, which include content creation, community management, precision targeting, creative ad campaigns, identifying suitable influencers, and tracking campaign success.

We understand the importance of social media in today’s digital landscape and can develop a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with your unique goals. With our expertise, we help you achieve the desired results and drive success.

Press Release Distribution

Having regular press releases sent out to the targeted media markets requires clear, succinct messaging that sparks interest, and an understanding of the media market you are trying to appeal to.



You can reach the right customers through a focused, coordinated digital marketing plan tailored to your business.

Your customers are online. Praetorian Public Relations will help you reach them.


When you become our client, we become your expert partner in the world of digital marketing. Your helpful guide for your online business.

Digital Ads

Digital advertising is an affordable way for you to build your brand and compete for business—even against the big guys.

This is the ad that plays before a video. And it’s not just for big businesses and corporations. Praetorian Public Relations wants to help you get your business’s video ad online.
Here’s a scenario: You think of something you want, or see a digital ad. You click or search for it online. You get to a website that has it. You think about taking the next step.

Television Commercials

Despite the word on the street, television is still the largest media market and the most valuable when it comes to getting your message out. However, modern TV advertising is not like it was even just a decade ago. Trying to navigate where to place your commercial; streaming, network, Hulu, YouTubeTV and so many others, can seem daunting. That’s what we are here for. From idea to implementation, we can handle all of your Television marketing needs.

Print Ads

Today’s print ads are not your daily paper. From a quarter page ad in your local high school boosters mailer to bus wraps, nationwide billboard campaigns and everything in between, we can help you navigate the world of print. Our expert designers will work with our target strategy team to make sure your ads are exactly what you need and hit just the audience you require.

Advertising Services
Advertising Services
Creative Services
Creative Services



People are busier than ever. Video and photos are a great way to reach people quickly.


Like video, your business needs images. One image can quickly capture attention. Convey your brand. Promote your business.


Praetorian Public Relations is fully capable to scout and shoot on location for your business. Additionally, Praetorian PR has a professional photo and video studio—and it’s available for your business.


For one, when your customers search online, they use words. With Praetorian Public Relations regularly updating and optimizing your website with helpful, relevant info, you get more customers on your site.

Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are about one thing: Winning.

Successful campaigns efficiently marshal resources, effectively contact voters, and understand the pathway to victory.

We approach every campaign, whether it be for school board or governor with a unique strategy that is custom crafted for you and your race.

We have the resources and skill to design your logo, launch your website, produce video content, print door hangers and yard signs, get you in front of the press, target the correct voters, manage the unexpected, implement persuasive advertising, develop a winning message, and get out the vote.

Through our network of campaign finance professionals and election attorneys, we can help you build a well-rounded team.

Campaign Services
Campaign Services
Campaign Services